Snapp Shots: Help save Meals on Wheels from US budget cuts

Snapp Shots: Help save Meals on Wheels from US budget cuts Albany County Executive Dan McCoy is addressing growing concerns about possible federal funding cuts to the “Meals on Wheels” program. McCoy spoke about the issue Monday morning at the Senior Services kitchen, where those local meals are prepared …


Meals on Wheels Responds to Budget Blueprint

Fort Worth (WBAP/KLIF News) – The chief executive of Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County has written an open letter, responding to President Trump’s initial budget blueprint. In the budget, block grants totaling $3 billion are cut. Meals on Wheels does

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Trump’s proposal to slash Meals on Wheels funding could impact Feed More

Feed More’s Meals on Wheels delivers about 1,000 meals each weekday to 800-900 seniors in Central Virginia. (Source: NBC12). RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -. Leaders at Richmond’s Feed More are closely watching developments in President Trump’s budget …


Trump’s Budget Threat to Meals on Wheels Actually a Media Con, Say Rightbloggers

Last week The Leader’s annual budget outline was released and, as expected, it was a conservative dream, stuffing the military and homeland security like foie gras geese and cutting the arts, the sciences, and aid to the poor. When some people

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Mulvaney: Meals on Wheels Among Programs ‘That Don’t Work’

White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said Thursday that federal funding for Meals on Wheels and similar social programs would be cut under President Donald Trump’s budget proposal because they are “programs that don’t work.” “Meals on Wheels …

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Meals on Wheels would take a hit under President Trump’s proposed budget

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — It is just before lunch time and the Meals on Wheels kitchen in Syracuse is churning out food. Meals on Wheels delivers to Patricia Hoefler. She has health problems that make cooking a chore. She said it would be difficult if one day

Seniors dependent upon Meals on Wheels concerned about President Trump’s budget

PALM BEACH COUNTY (CBS12) — President Trump’s first budget proposals have many local seniors concerned who are home-bound and dependent on programs like Meals on Wheels. President Trump’s budget calls for the elimination of community block …


Donald Trump wants to starve old people? A story too good to check.

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers discussed President Donald Trump’s budget blueprint and its alleged impact on Meals on Wheels during his “Closer Look” current events segment Thursday (March 16). “How dead inside do you have to be to not want old people …

Is Trump gutting Meals on Wheels? His budget director says no

Budget Director Mick Mulvaney speaks about the Trump administration’s budget proposal during daily press briefing at the White House on Thursday. by Philip Rucker, Washington Post. Philip Rucker. Washington Post. WASHINGTON — Meals on Wheels, …

Local Meals on Wheels program concerned over proposed budget cuts

ODESSA — The new presidential budget proposal could slash funding for a popular program across the country. Odessa Meals on Wheels location at 1314 E 5th St. We take a look at what this means for Meals on Wheels of Odessa and the hundreds of clients …

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Meals on Wheels in jeopardy under Trump’s harmful budget cuts

Once the White House released its proposed deep budget cuts, community groups flooded the organization with online donations. Meals on Wheels – Senior Services Inc. – Advertisements. With the number of aging American’s on the …

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Meals On Wheels Is Working For Everyone

On behalf of a network of some 5,000 local, community-based Meals on Wheels programs, we are extraordinarily heartened by the outpouring of support from the public and media over the merits of Meals on Wheels and the impact that budget cuts of any kind …

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Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Trips Are More Expensive Than Meals On Wheels

Donald Trump has already spent enough on trips to Mar-A-Lago this year to pay for nearly 6,000 people to get Meals on Wheels for an entire year. Each weekend, that number jumps higher, and by the end of the year, he will have spent more on personal

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In his first budget, Trump to struggling seniors: You’ll be on you own

When people talk about retirement, they often muse about traveling the world, playing golf or visiting with grandchildren. But the truth is many seniors won’t spend “golden” retirement years like they are on a long vacation. Instead they will be

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Mayor Summey to deliver Meals on Wheels

Volunteers from East Cooper Meals on Wheels carry lunches to their cars. File/Brad Nettles/Staff. prev. next. North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey will deliver Meals on Wheels Tuesday, but he isn’t making a statement about the president. Summey was one …

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Trump’s budget won’t touch local Meals on Wheels

•Senior Citizen: “Is it true that Trump is going to eliminate Meals on Wheels? How many seniors are going to die?” It’s mostly not true. Mainly, Meals on Wheels is not a federal program. He couldn’t cut it even if he wanted to. In some places, though

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Meals on Wheels sees surge in donations, fundraiser in Mason today

A surge in donations and volunteers for Meals on Wheels America after President Donald Trump proposed cutting funding to the program. Meals on Wheels is a non-profit program that delivers food to millions of elderly, poor, and disabled Americans.

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The Meals On Wheels Lie Keeps Rolling Along

False claims that President Trump wanted to cut federal funding for Meals on Wheels spread like wildfire late last week. (Nick Agro/Zuma Press/Newscom). 4:30 PM ET. Facebook · LinkedIn · Print · Twitter · Share · Reprints. Budget: Let’s start with a

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Local Meals on Wheels not affected by potential budget cuts

The Trump Administration’s 2018 budget proposal would cut $3 billion allocated to the Community Block grant Program. Good news for us, though. The East Cooper Meals on Wheels won’t be affected. The organization’s leaders say their funding generally …

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Here’s The Skinny On Meals On Wheels In Trump’s Budget

WASHINGTON ― Though his budget director suggested last week that Meals on Wheels doesn’t deserve government support, President Donald Trump’s budget outline doesn’t directly target senior nutrition services. The proposal does call for the wholesale …

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Rockland Meals on Wheels Has Proven Results

NANUET, NY — Meals on Wheels Rockland has proven results — data goes to its board, the county and the state — that show how its work benefits the community and saves taxpayers money. But President Donald Trump’s proposed federal budget includes …