NES Classic Edition Secret Message To Hackers Found In The Code

NES Classic Edition Secret Message To Hackers Found In The Code In what is far and away the most impressive use of the Famicom Mini, Japan’s version of the NES Classic Edition, a group of modders called Kei Studio have crammed the device into a Game Boy, allowing for it to be played anywhere. The team shows off


Russians hack NES Classic Edition and more

“Oh, those Russians”. That’s the last line of Boney M’s Rasputin song, which is pretty catchy. It was only a matter of time before someone managed to hack into the Nintendo Classic Edition which expands the mini-console’s library from just thirty games

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Nintendo hid secret message for hackers within NES Mini

But it seems Nintendo may have been expecting enterprising fans to take a crack at the microconsole’s security – a secret message has been found within the system’s code. The message was written by an unnamed programmer under the alias of “The …

NES Classic Edition Secret Message To Hackers Found In The Code

Recently, some dedicated hackers have managed to somewhat expand the NES Classic Edition functionality, with users now having the chance to add additional games to the recently released console. Interestingly enough, it seems like the console’s …


Why it doesn’t matter that the NES Classic Edition was hacked

The NES Classic Edition has been hacked, and it’s now possible to expand the number of games that can be put on the device. This opens the door for many new … OK, no. Let’s take a step back. This doesn’t really change anything of substance, and I’ll …


Nintendo NES Classic Can Be Hacked Easily To Play More Games

Although the Nintendo NES Classic can be easily hacked, the process requires a lot of precision, given the fact that being a hardware operation, the video game console can get seriously damaged. (Photo : IGN/YouTube). The Nintendo NES Classic is …

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NES Classic Edition Console Hacked to Add More Games

The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition, aside from being a mouthful of a name, is a one-time purchase with 30 games. Or at least it was. This is not the case any more. Enterprising hackers have found a way to add more games to the NES …


Hackers Discover Secret Message Hidden in the NES Classic Mini Code

Earlier this week, a group of hackers discovered a method to customize the popular NES Classic mini console, and add an additional 30 emulated games to the little box. The process is complicated and risky, as it can render the console useless, but also …

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Nintendo NES Classic Edition News: Hackers Run Risk Of Bricking Gaming Console

Some hackers are successful, while others encountered problems when they attempted to add more games to their Nintendo NES Classic Edition by following instructions made by a Russian hacker. ( The Verge/YouTube ). A report that it is possible to add …

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Nintendo hides message in Famicom Mini for hackers

Just the other day we reported that enterprising hackers had cracked the NES Mini wide open and were adding the already 30-strong library of games that launched with the retro console. Now it has become clear that Nintendo predicted the hack, and even …

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Hackers cram Famicom Mini inside a Game Boy, and you’re going to want one

The NES Classic Edition might be the hottest Nintendo gadget in years but over in Japan they don’t really care. That’s because the NES as we know it doesn’t exist in the Japanese market. Instead, Japanese gamers got the Famicom, which is essentially an …


NES Mini Classic Games Console Hacked To Load More Games Via USB (video)

When Nintendo launch their new NES Classic Edition microconsole late last year the company restricted the console to the 30 preloaded games which came supplied with the hardware, to the disappointment of fans, who wanted to load more games onto the …

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The NES Classic was my favorite holiday gift. Now here’s what Nintendo should improve for the SNES version

The NES Classic was my favorite holiday gift. Now here’s what Nintendo should improve for the SNES version · 28 comments · Microsoft’s Windows 10 preview build arrives with a huge number of new features · 17 comments · Yahoo is being renamed to.


Someone Hacked the NES Classic to Play More Games

The NES Classic has been a hot item ever since its debut, and despite the fact that it only offers a set number of games for players to indulge in, it remains a massive hit. It goes for several hundreds of dollars on eBay, sells out within minutes when


There’s a secret message buried inside Nintendo’s new $60 console

Nintendo’s new $60 game console, the NES Classic Edition, is an adorable, inexpensive, easy way to play a ton of classic Nintendo games. The entire original “Super Mario Bros.” trilogy, the first two “Legend of Zelda” games, and much more are all on

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