Facebook tests ‘Tether-Tenna’ to beam down the internet from helicopters

Facebook tests 'Tether-Tenna' to beam down the internet from helicopters Facebook’s Building 8 experimental R&D unit is working closely with the city of San Jose and with other Silicon Valley companies on bringing a series of innovations to life in the real world. Many of the projects, including city-wide wireless internet

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Facebook exec: Our plan to get rid of internet dead zones is ‘around the corner’

Facebook’s director of connectivity programs, Yael Maguire, announced on Wednesday the next step in the social network’s ambitious goal of bringing the internet to everyone. At Facebook’s (FB) annual F8 conference, Maguire announced a set of new …

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Facebook’s Helicopter The Tether-tenna Will Deliver Internet Access In Crisis Situations

Facebook just announced a very interesting plan. It is apparently in the process of developing a small helicopter that can be deployed in emergencies to deliver internet access. Interesting, right? At the F8 conference in San Jose, the company said


What we know — and what we want to know — about Facebook’s big plans for augmented reality

Facebook is betting big on augmented reality, and the technology — which overlays digital text and objects on the real world through a lens — was the major theme of the company’s annual F8 developer conference this week. Facebook’s announcements …


Facebook tests ‘Tether-Tenna’ to beam down the internet from helicopters

Tether-Tenna demonstration Yael Maguire, who heads the Facebook Connectivity Lab, shows off the Tether-Tenna system during Facebook’s F8 developers conference in San Jose, Calif. (Facebook Video). Facebook is adding tethered helicopters known as …


‘Facebook developing technology to build global community’

New York, April 20 (IANS) Facebook aims to develop technology that will help everyone build a global community, the social media giant’s Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer said at the annual F8 developers conference at San Jose. The company is …

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Facebook talks connectivity through drones, helicopters at F8 2017

Facebook’s latest connectivity tech could deliver internet in rural regions, disaster areas, and dense cities. Facebook wants to connect the billions of people in the world who lack an internet connection, and it’s launching a volley of solutions at

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Facebook’s internet-beaming drone is getting better

Facebook’s Aquila drone. Facebook/Screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET. You’ve heard of 4G, 5G and Wi-FI. Now get ready for MMW. That’s the shorthand for millimeter-wave radio, the technology Facebook is using to transmit data to its …


Facebook Testing High-Speed Wireless Internet In San Jose (FB)

the social media giant announced Wednesday it is testing high speed gigabit wireless Internet in the city of San Jose, California. In a blog post announcing the initiative, Facebook said that while residents won’t be able to access Facebook’s wireless


Facebook Gets Far Out With Futurism at F8

The vibe of the first day of F8, with an introduction by Mark Zuckerberg, was like a bunch of super-friendly RAs who ordered everyone pizza and just wanted to have some fun, talk about community, and deliver one core message: “Now I am become Death

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Facebook’s latest drone delivers internet during a disaster

Internet connectivity is kind of like air: something we take for granted until we can’t get it. To help make communications easier during disaster scenarios, Facebook has come up with the “Tether-antenna.” At its simplest, it’s a small, unmanned


Facebook built a helicopter-drone to provide wireless internet to disaster areas

The unmanned chopper will be tethered to the ground so it can stay airborne for days at a time. by Kurt Wagner and April Glaser Apr 19, 2017, 1:01pm EDT. tweet · share · Linkedin. This is not a picture of Facebook’s helicopter-drone. Jordan Mansfield


Facebook building helicopter drone to bring Wi-Fi to disaster zones

Facebook has revealed it is developing an unmanned helicopter drone it hopes to fly into disaster zones to restore connectivity when the online infrastructure has been damaged. The VW Beetle-sized Tether-tenna chopper will dangle fiber and power cables …