Scientists predict for the first time a star collision for 2020

Scientists predict for the first time a star collision for 2020 The collision results a luminous red nova that will brighten the night sky, which will last longer. ( Wochit News/YouTube ). According to the observations of Calvin College astronomers, two stars will collide in 2022 and the bright explosion will light

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In 2022 we’ll be able to watch an 1800-year old star collision

A star created 1,800 years ago after the collision of two distant suns is set to appear in the night sky for the first time – as the light from the crash finally reaches the Earth. Scientists predict that for six months in 2022, stargazers will be able


Stars merger prediction: Stellar explosion imminent in 2022, say astronomers

The stars of KIC 9832227, which already share an atmosphere, have spiralled towards one another over the years. Raymond Ronamai. January 11, 2017 19:05 IST. Supernova. A supernova within the galaxy M100, that may contain the youngest known black …

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Star Explosion: The Biggest Astronomical Event That Can Be Seen With The Naked Eye In 5 Years, Scientists Claim, Is …

n this handout provided by NASA, an X-ray image from the orbiting Chandra Observatory shows the nucleus of NGC 1260, the galaxy containing SN 2006gy, a massive star in what scientists are calling the brightest supernova ever recorded. Supernovas …

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Scientists predict for the first time a star collision for 2020

A pair of stars is likely to collide and explode by 2022, according to the predictions made by scientists from the Calvin College, Michigan. They say that the event will be so big and bright that there won’t be need for a telescope to see it. The two

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A Star May Soon Explode, And We’ll All Get To Watch

It could be one of the biggest astronomical events in years ― a star explosion so intense it could literally change the night sky. Astronomers are predicting that binary star system KIC 9832227, located in the Cygnus constellation, will merge and

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Collision of two stars to create massive explosion that will be visible from Earth in 2022

A massive collision between two stars in 2022 will be visible to the naked eye, astronomers predict. The stunning space event will cause a red nova – an explosion resulting in one new massive star. “It’s a one-in-a-million chance that you can predict

Explosion from colliding stars will be visible to naked eye on Earth

A view of the Cygnus-X star-forming region by the Herschel Telescope highlights chaotic networks of dust and gas that point to sites of massive star formation. (Photo: NASA). CONNECT TWEET LINKEDIN GOOGLE+ PINTEREST. The collision of two stars will …

Two stars are going to collide soon in huge blast visible to the naked eye

Two stars locked in a dance of death for millions of years are going to collide – in a blast which will release more energy than our sun will in its lifetime. NEW YORK, NY – JANUARY 9: President-elect Donald Trump speaks to reporters Dossier claims


There will soon be a new bright spot in our night sky

A college professor and his students might be at the cusp of accurately predicting a change in our night sky. Larry Molnar of Calvin College, with the help of colleagues Karen Kinemuchi and Henry Kobulnicky, say that a gigantic explosion in space is

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