Rumour has it: Chris Brown and Soulja Boy to fight boxing match in Dubai?

Rumour has it: Chris Brown and Soulja Boy to fight boxing match in Dubai? Boxer/aspiring rapper Mike Tyson has apparently recorded a Soulja Boy diss track alongside his trainee, Chris Brown — as if the Brown v. Boy Pay-Per-View fight wasn’t already the weirdest spat in rap history. Yep, in case you were wondering when this


Kelly Price Will Reportedly Sing The National Anthem At Soulja Boy & Chris Brown’s Alleged Match

The bizarre feud between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown just took an interesting turn. Spearheaded by 50 Cent, the Power actor took on the role of finding a singer to belt out the national anthem ahead of the supposed bout, and selected esteemed vocalist, …


Chris Brown Vs. Soulja Boy For Fight Of The Century In Dubai?

Rumours are circling that Soulja Boy and Chris Brown are planning to settle their recent online feud in the boxing ring, with a match allegedly set up in Dubai. Legally, this fight can’t take place in the US so that’s why they’re going overseas. Soulja

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy could duke it out in Dubai

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy may be squaring up to fight in the Middle East. According to TMZ, the bad boys wanted to duke it out in Las Vegas but strict circumstances may prevent that. A drug test, the site adds, could pose the biggest hurdle for the

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Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy Beef: Everything We Know About Their Boxing Match

Following days of back-and-forth feuding on social media, Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are taking their beef into the boxing ring. After Soulja Boy started using Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, and Brown’s daughter on social media to taunt him

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Chris Brown and Soulja Boy Boxing Match Reportedly Scheduled to Take Place in Dubai

According to TMZ, the boxing match between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown is possibly going to be scheduled to take place in Dubai. While both Soulja Boy and Chris Brown are interested in the fight actually happening, and were initially were eying Las

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Mike Posner undecided when it comes to Chris Brown and Soulja Boy fight

RnB singer Mike Posner is on the fence when it comes to who will win the much hyped boxing match between hip-hop stars Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. The 28-year-old was talking to The National ahead of his headlining appearance on the closing night of …

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Chris Brown Vs. Soulja Boy Odds Announced. Place Your Bets

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy seem intent on settling their beef with a celebrity boxing match. Related: Soulja Boy Says Chris Brown Drama Started with Rihanna. They’ve already lined up Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather as their respective coaches and … Music and Entertainment News

Mike Tyson Seriously Made A Diss Track For Soulja Boy

After a long career of taking heads (and the occasional ear) off in the ring, former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson has tried his hand at a lot of new things, including poetry. This week, Iron Mike has dropped the kind of lyrics we’d have expected of him


Soulja Boy And Chris Brown Are Heading Overseas To Make That Boxing Match A Reality

And our round-the-clock coverage of the big Soulja Boy Vs. Chris Brown celebrity boxing match continues. Last we left off, Mike Tyson was promising to teach Chris Brown “every dirty trick in the book” to beat Lil Draco, including how to take a bite out


Grapevine: Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy fight scheduled

Rapper Soulja Boy, left, and singer Chris Brown and Soulja Boy announced Jan. 4, that they’ve signed on for a three-round boxing match that will be televised on pay-per-view and promoted by Floyd Mayweather. (Photo: AP File). Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy …

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Mike Tyson To Train Chris Brown For Fight Against Soulja Boy

This Chris Brown and Soulja Boy fight fiasco has reached new levels as Iron Mike Tyson has followed Floyd Mayweather JR. and 50 Cent into the situation. After Mayweather announced that he was going to train Soulja Boy, the Brooklyn boxing legend …

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A Guide to Chris Brown & Soulja Boy’s Explosive Internet Feud-Turned-Boxing Match

Two weeks into 2017, Chris Brown and Soulja Boy’s feud evolved from a social media spat into a highly publicized boxing match. After the two stars traded barbs online stemming from Soulja Boy allegedly “liking” a post on Brown’s ex Karrueche’s


Chris Brown & Soulja Boy Now Want To Fight It Out In Dubai & Air The Match Via Pay-Per-View…

Forget Las Vegas, it’s Dubai’s time to shine! As we previously reported, Chris Brown and Soulja Boy have officially signed up to face off against each other in a celebrity boxing match following their NSFW social media beef. Although, it seems as

Hilarious! Mike Tyson records Soulja Boy diss track ahead of the fight with Chris Brown

It’s getting serious! Chris Brown VS Soulja Boy’s boxing match is heating up and Mike Tyson has just recorded a diss track titled ‘If You Show Up’ to describe his hatred for Soulja Boy and it’s hilarious. Mike hit the studio with producer Damon Elliott

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Seriously: Kelly Price Will Sing The National Anthem At Chris Brown And Soulja Boy’s Boxing Match

We’re still a little stunned that this fight is actually happening, but at least Kelly will add a touch of class. Looks like the boxing match between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown is really going to happen, and, to be quite honest, we’re still a little