Chrissy Metz Talks ‘This Is Us’ Weight Loss And How Toby’s Crisis Could Affect It

Chrissy Metz Talks 'This Is Us' Weight Loss And How Toby's Crisis Could Affect It I was prepared for some serious drama following Toby’s heart attack in “Last Christmas; but returning with “The Right Thing to Do,” This Is Us opted for an natural flow, as opposed to relying too heavily on its tear-jerking, shock-factor moments. There

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‘This Is Us’ episode 11 preview: Sterling K. Brown talks Kate, Toby, and Randall

This Is Us – There is a new episode of “This Is Us” coming on at a special time tonight in 10:00 p.m. Eastern, and based on some of the teases that are out there courtesy of actor Sterling K. Brown, all indications are that this one is going to be big


This Is Us fares well when it stops relying on its trademark twists

I knew I was going to like “The Right Thing To Do” when Dr. K didn’t even put down his newspaper to discuss how triplets spell out bad news, and that he was glad that the couple — whom he would get to know at various points later in both of their

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This Is Us creator breaks down the Toby twist(s) in Tuesday’s episode

[Spoiler alert: This story contains plots details from Tuesday night’s episode of This Is Us, “The Right Thing to Do.”] Something bad happened on Christmas Eve, but, as it turns out, something tragic did not. The midseason premiere of This Is Us

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Did Toby die on ‘This Is Us’? Midseason premiere reveals his fate

This Is Us returned Tuesday night and finally revealed the fate of Toby, Kate’s boyfriend. (Editor’s note: Spoilers for the This Is Us midseason premiere ahead.) ‘This Is Us’ Source: Giphy. The NBC drama left off with Toby flying across the country to


‘This Is Us’ episode 12: What’s next for Toby, Kate after romantic gesture?

Tonight, “This Is Us” gave you quite the romantic reward after spending so much of the winter hiatus dealing with torment. After all, what we ended up seeing here was Toby not only living, but he and Kate making a larger commitment to their future


Chris Sullivan Talks Toby’s Future After Near-Death ‘This Is Us’ Twist

Chris Sullivan is happy to be alive. The This Is Us star, who spent the last five weeks in cliffhanger mode with his character’s fate hanging in the balance, says he knew all along that Toby would be okay, and that he’s relieved that he can finally

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This Is Us’ Eight Moments From Mandy Moore’s Show to Make You Ugly Cry: Toby’s Fate Revealed!

New year, same tears! This Is Us is back on the air after a brief hiatus, and we are already running out of tissues to dry up our never-ending well of sobs. The Tuesday, January 10, episode of the NBC drama was, as usual, chock-full of surprises and

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This Is Us on NBC Recap: Episode 11 – Wedding for Toby and Kate?

After a break from This Is Us on NBC, we were back and the first ten minutes gave us so many details, it was messing with my mind! We were all wondering if Toby died or not from his heart attack on This Is Us Season 1? We got those answers and saw The …

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Sterling Brown, Chrissy Metz Reveals This Is Us Spoilers

After five long weeks, the new episode of This is Us hits the small screens later. There were so many questions left about the events but actors Sterling Brown and Chrissy Metz are ready to give hints. The fall finale, which happened on Dec. 6 showed


This Is Us Returns: Is Toby Dead or Alive?

Stress eating chocolate? Crying? That can only mean one thing: This Is Us is back. The freshman NBC drama returned from winter break and didn’t waste any time in revealing what exactly happened to Toby (Chris Sullivan) after the midseason finale.

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This Is Us Star Chris Sullivan Can Finally Reveal the Answer to That Huge Toby Cliffhanger

Spoiler warning: For those who haven’t seen the midseason premiere of This Is Us, key plot details are revealed below. Though Chris Sullivan has known the fate of his This Is Us character Toby for weeks, the winter finale cliffhanger — on a show

VIDEO: Sneak Peek – ‘The Big Day’ Episode of NBC’s THIS IS US

On the next episode of THIS IS US on NBC titled “The Big Day,” as the birth date of her triplets quickly approaches, a frazzled and emotional Rebecca forgets Jack’s birthday. Dr. K struggles with the loss of his wife and wonders how he’ll be able to

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