Google Europe boss says ads appearing next to extremist YouTube videos affects ‘pennies not pounds’ of spend — but …

Google Europe boss says ads appearing next to extremist YouTube videos affects 'pennies not pounds' of spend — but ... Google is set to face a barrage of questions on Monday about how ads for major brands ended up funding Isis propaganda, rape apologists and a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan. Matt Brittin, Google’s Europe head, is due to speak at the annual

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Financial Times sales chief on ad fraud: ‘There is no collective will’

Google found itself in the center of a tornado, as yet more brands found their ads landing next to extremist content on YouTube. The Guardian, Channel 4 and the British government all found ads adjacent to inflammatory content — including clips of


Google promises policy review after several big brands pull YouTube ads

Google has promised a review of its ad policy on YouTube after a backlash from blue-chip advertisers. It follows a series of reports by The Times demonstrating big brand ads running over content that breaches YouTube guidelines, such as jihadist videos

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Google to revamp ad policies after UK, big brands boycott

Google made $7.8 billion in advertising revenue in the UK in 2016, accounting for 8.6 per cent of the company’s total sales. – Bloomberg News. x. Google made $7.8 billion in advertising revenue in the UK in 2016, accounting for 8.6 per cent of the

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Google apologises to advertisers for extremist content on YouTube

Google’s European operations boss has publicly apologised to its advertisers after a growing crisis over extremist content on YouTube forced big brands such as Marks and Spencer and Havas to freeze their Google ads. Sample the FT’s top stories for a week.

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Havas APAC ‘will not’ withdraw ads from Google and YouTube

Havas Group Asia-Pacific has said it will not pull programmatic advertisements from Google and YouTube following a media storm in the United Kingdom over brands appearing next to videos with “questionable or unsafe content”, such as terrorist …

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M&S pulls online ads from Google over extremist content fears

Marks and Spencer has become the latest firm to pull its online advertising from Google’s platforms over fears it is appearing next to extremist content. It follows a UK government decision to remove its adverts from YouTube – which is owned by Google

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Sky, Vodafone, HSBC And Other Major Brands Pull Google Ads Over Extremist Content Concerns

Sky, Vodafone and three banks have joined a list of organisations including the British government, Marks & Spencer, the BBC, The Guardian and large advertising companies in pulling their adverts from Google’s YouTube over concerns the ads are being …

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Google ads controversy: What companies are saying

Some of Britain’s best known companies have reacted to the controversy over extremist content on Google’s You Tube platform. Here’s what they said: Marks & Spencer. “In order to ensure brand safety, we are pausing activity across Google platforms

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Havas UK, government and TfL freeze YouTube advertising

Transport for London is one of several government agencies that have temporarily pulled the brakes on YouTube and Google display advertising. Havas Media UK has become the first major media agency to pause all advertising from YouTube and the …


Google offers more control, after ads on offensive content leads to brand boycott

Google plans to give its advertising clients more control over where their ads appear on YouTube and the Google Display Network, which posts advertising to third-party websites. It announced the move in a blog post from its European business after


Marks & Spencer Pulls Ads From YouTube Over Offensive Videos

U.K. retailer Marks & Spencer Group Plc pulled advertising from Alphabet Inc.’s Google, joining other brands fleeing the search-engine giant over concerns that their spots were appearing alongside offensive clips on its YouTube video-sharing site. “In


Google accused of ‘profiting from hatred’ by MPs over YouTube advertising system

Google has been asked to explain itself after Government adverts were placed on “inappropriate and hate-filled sites”. The technology giant has been accused of “profiting from hatred” by MPs over its YouTube advertising system that saw taxpayer-funded …

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Australian advertisers examine UK Google boycott

Australian advertisers will closely analyse a UK boycott of Google ads, as major brands, including the UK government, pull ads from the technology giant after they were placed alongside undesirable content, such as extremist material and hate speech.

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