Alphabet’s Google shutters solar-powered drone program

Alphabet's Google shutters solar-powered drone program Wondering what happened to Google’s solar internet drone project? Unfortunately, we don’t have good news. An Alphabet spokesperson has confirmed to 9to5Google that its X division quietly dropped the Titan project shortly after it folded into X in late


Google’s parent has given up on one of its big, futuristic projects

For years, companies like Facebook and Google have captivated audiences with the prospect of someday beaming Internet access down to earth from drones or satellites flying high above the ground. The dream held particular promise for developing …

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Alphabet’s Google shutters solar-powered drone program

Google’s dream of delivering internet access to developing countries using solar-powered drones apparently got hit with a huge dose of reality. Alphabet, the tech firm’s parent company, confirmed Wednesday it disbanded a team tasked with exploring the

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Google kills off its Titan drone that would have taken on Facebook and beam the internet to Earth

Google’s secretive X R&D lab, a division of Google’s parent company Alphabet, has pulled the plug on its drone project that would bring internet access to millions of people – Project Titan. It has been confirmed by Alphabet that engineers were told to

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Google-parent Alphabet’s drone project may not soar after all

Google’s high-flying drone dreams may be dashed for now. Its parent company, Alphabet, has reportedly cut the Titan program, which Google first acquired in 2014. Buying Titan Aerospace gave Google (in its pre-Alphabet days) access to high-altitude, …


As UAV internet proves too complex, Alphabet shifts the Titan team to Projects Loon and Wing

When Google picked up Titan Aerospace in April 2014, the sky was, as they say, the limit. The high-flying drone producer seemingly had a lot to offer the tech giant, including the potential to expand Project Loon, its balloon-based plan to develop low


Alphabet is killing off its solar drone project

Back in 2014 Google (now Alphabet) bought Titan Aerospace, a company specializing in solar-powered drones that could fly at high altitudes for long periods of time. The goal was to offer internet access to rural areas that lacked connectivity by

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Alphabet Says It Shut Down Titan Drone Internet Project

In 2014, Google and Facebook Inc. vied to acquire Titan Aerospace, a maker of high-altitude, solar-powered drones. Google won the bidding, so Facebook purchased its own company, which was building a huge glider called Aquila. The idea was to beam …


Alphabet ended Titan solar-powered drone program, shifted focus to Loon, Wing

Titan had been integrated with Alphabet’s (GOOG, GOOGL) X division around a year ago, though in a statement today, the company notes “exploration of high altitude UAVs for internet access” had been terminated soon thereafter. Instead Alphabet expresses …

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Google Kills Its Solar-Powered, Internet-Broadcasting Drone

In 2013, a future full of solar-powered drones beaming internet across the globe looked like a sure thing. Huge companies like Facebook and Google were investing millions to get these sun-fueled birds in the air. But after years of setbacks and crashes

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Alphabet’s X Division Loses The Titan Drone Program

Alphabet’s X Division has lost its Titan drone program as the company has reportedly confirmed that they have shut it down recently, and have since told the employees that were part of the program to look for other jobs within Google and Alphabet. All

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Google killed its solar-powered internet drone program

X, a division of Google’s parent company Alphabet, is ending its solar-powered drone program, reassigning members of the Titan team to other projects, in the latest example of the company’s efforts to cut back its ambitious “moonshots.” 9to5Google

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Google is shutting “Project Titan” down, employees asked to move to other projects

Google is only one of the many corporations attempting to conjure up ways of offering low cost Internet to the world. Interestingly, nearly all of the ways involve airborne objects. While some are going with balloons, others are going with Unmanned

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Google Parent Alphabet Says No To Internet-Beaming Drones

Google parent company Alphabet has shuttered a project to send drones aloft that would beam wireless Internet access to earth. More than 50 people were part of Alphabet’s Titan Internet drone project, according to the tech publication 9to5 Google


Alphabet shutters Google X’s Titan drone program

titan aerospace drone.jpg (Image: File photo). Alphabet has shuttered the solar drone division formed by its Titan Aerospace acquisition in 2014, a Google X spokesperson confirmed on Wednesday.


Is the Google Moonshot as We Know It Dead?

Since Google morphed into a new company called Alphabet last year, there’s been an apparent bloodbath for the tech giant’s popular (and costly) “moonshot” projects. These longer-term, riskier ventures are suddenly being held to account for the amount


Google shuts down Titan drone program in favour of Project Loon

Startups are founded and collapse on a seemingly daily basis — and Google’s moonshots are no different. Alphabet confirmed to Business Insider it is killing its solar-powered drone project. 9to5Google first reported the news Wednesday. Project Titan

Alphabet cuts former Titan drone program from X division, employees dispersing to other units

In 2014, Google bought Titan Aerospace, maker of high altitude, solar-powered drone aircraft. At the time Google noted, “It’s still early days, but atmospheric satellites could help bring internet access to millions of people, and help solve other

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