Stopping Video Autoplay on Google Chrome

Stopping Video Autoplay on Google Chrome UC Browser is quickly becoming the most popular mobile browser in the world. In fact, the only opponent that UC Browser has yet to surpass is Google Chrome and that’s only because Chrome ships pre-installed on all Android powered smartphones. Seeing …


WebGL 2.0 support now available in Chrome

On the Chromium blog Google software engineer Zhenyao Mo announced that the desktop version of Chrome 56 now fully supports WebGL 2.0, offering web developers a new route to delivering 3D interactive graphical experiences to users without needing …


Chrome gets faster 3D rendering with WebGL 2.0

WebGL 2.0 is currently available for Chrome users with modern graphics hardware on Windows, macOS, and Linux – and is coming soon to Android. WebGL 2.0 makes it easier to build 3D web applications, with faster real-time rendering, new textures and …


Revealed: The secret Chrome and Google Search tricks that’ll make your browser even more powerful

From hidden games to quick shortcuts, there are a rang of different ways to use the Chrome browser. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re on a desktop PC or a smartphone as many of these tips carry across . What’s more, if you want to customise the

Google Chrome receives a massive boost in 3D graphics with the latest update

With a massive boost in its 3D graphics, the latest update for Chrome will give designers and creators something to rejoice. By: Vigneshravi Menon. Updated: Monday, March 20, 2017, 13:19 [IST] …


Chrome quietly received a big 3D graphics boost

Did you recently notice a boost to 3D web graphics while using Chrome? It’s not just you. Google has revealed that Chrome 56 and later releases support the WebGL 2.0 standard. You should see faster performance, new texture types and visual effects


Chrome 56 Silently Improved 3D Web Graphics with WebGL 2.0

Google keeps updating the Google Chrome web browser from time to time. We usually get to see three to four major updates to the browser every year, while the developers and the beta testers are busy working on the next two to three updates are smooth.


Stopping Video Autoplay on Google Chrome

Q. I had Google Chrome for Windows set so web pages couldn’t start playing videos, but I have noticed over the past few months that the clips play anyway. I didn’t change any of the browser settings, so what happened? A. You may not have changed the …

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Better 3D on Google Chrome, Chrome 56 and Up Now Support WebGL 2.0 Standard

If you spotted a big improvement in 3D web graphics when browsing on Google Chrome over the past few days, you’re not alone. Google recently announced that a major update to the WebGL JavaScript API in the form of WebGL 2.0 is now available for …

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