Here Are the 2016 Best-Selling Games on Steam; ‘Civilization VI’ & ‘ Grand Theft Auto V’ Included!

Here Are the 2016 Best-Selling Games on Steam; 'Civilization VI' & ' Grand Theft Auto V' Included! Steam reveals its best selling games of 2016, with No Man’s Sky reaching the highest tier and beating out many of the year’s other top titles, despite its challenges. As we enter the New Year, it’s fun to look back and think about our favorite games of

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Full List Of First Ever Steam Awards Winners: GTA 5, Doom & More

The first ever Steam Awards Winners are out! Take a look at the list to see if 2016 favorites are included in the list. Steam is an entertainment platform that gives players access to thousands of games. They offer exclusive deals and game updates

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Valve reveals Steam’s top 100 best-selling games of 2016

As stressful and difficult as 2016 was for the real world, it was an incredible year for video games. Some of the most anticipated games of the decade — Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian — finally saw the light of day, Nintendo changed mobile


Valve Reveals 100 Best-Selling Steam Games Of 2016

The list was published shortly after the inaugural Steam Awards and the gaming marketplace’s Winter Sale. It’s divided into four categories: platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. Valve didn’t technically quantify the most popular titles of the year

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Steam reveals its top 100 best-selling games of 2016

With today marking the end of the Steam winter sale, we’re getting a look into which games made the most cash in 2016. Steam has delivered a list of its 100 top sellers, and you might be surprised by a few that topped the ranking. Keep in mind that


Steam Award Winners Prove Games In 2016 Sucked

2016 sucked so bad when it came for pushing for new innovations in gaming, because innovation was pushed off to the side completely in favor of games being more about identity politics than fun. In fact, the sentiment seemed to be more true than most …

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The winners for the first ever Steam awards are…interesting

I guess it’s good that a lot of old games are getting their due with the 2016 (and first ever) Steam awards, but so much of is retreading on stuff we’ve already talked about many, many times, that they’re only really worth skimming for a second. Your


First Steam Awards 2016 Winners Revealed; ‘Dota 2’ Lost To ‘Dark Souls III’ in ‘Love/Hate Relationship’ Category

The official winners of the first ever Steam Awards 2016 have finally be revealed. ( Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images ). Many Steam users got really excited when the game developer and publisher, Valve, announced its first ever Steam Awards 2016 late

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Here Are The 2016 Winners Of The First Ever Steam Awards

After over a month of voting, Valve today revealed the winners of The Steam Awards, or what amounts to a “greatest-hits” victory lap for some of the digital retail platform’s most played games. Advertisement. The awards were announced during the Autumn …


Steam Awards 2016 Winners & Top Selling Steam Games of the Year Announced

We have the winners for the Steam Awards 2016 as the category voting is now over. Also, we have a snippet of the top selling PC games on Steam this year. steam via youtube. The Steam Awards 2016 winners have been announced. Steam awards 2016 just …

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Steam Awards Winners and Steam Top 100 Games Announced

The Steam game download platform unveiled the winners of the Steam Awards and the top 100 grossing titles. Steam has become a leading platform for digital content with thousands of titles and millions of users. The users of Steam have voted for their …

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No Man’s Sky, Witcher 3 Among Best-Selling PC Games of 2016

It may be one of the most hated games of the year, but No Man’s Sky is also among the best-sellers. Valve has posted the top 100 best-selling games on Steam in 2016 as measured by gross revenue and the controversial Hello Games space exploration …

Steam reveals top-selling PC games of 2016

Video game giant Valve has rolled out a list of its top sellers for the year just passed, with small team hits “Stardew Valley,” “Rocket League,” “Cities Skylines” and “No Man’s Sky” joining enormous, well-advertised affairs like “Grand Theft Auto V

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All the Steam Awards Winners Have Been Revealed

Valve’s Steam Awards, which were just announced last year for the very first time, allow Steam users to celebrate their favourite games of the year in an entirely unique way. In addition to providing eight official awards, Valve let players exercise

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Steam Winter Sale: Valve slashes prices of these best-selling games

American video game developer Valve Corporation has offered discounts on several best-selling video games released in 2016. The discounts are being offered as part of the Steam Winter Sale. Steam Winter Sale: Top 5 recommendations for the video game …

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