After Spectacles, Snapchat is now working on drones

After Spectacles, Snapchat is now working on drones Today, Snap starts its life as a publicly traded company—the buzziest tech IPO of the year and likely the most valuable in the US since Alibaba debuted in 2014. The event carries the fascination of an impending rocket launch: Is this thing actually


Mobile Boom Stalls, With Double-Digit Declines In App Installs

In some respects, the mobile boom is officially over in the States. Indeed, Adobe’s latest global mobile report found double-digit declines in both app installs (38%) and launches (28%) over the past two years. As such, the new mission for marketers is …

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After Spectacles, Snapchat is now working on drones

Snapchat recently stepped into the hardware arena by launching a pair of eyewears, the Spectacles, which recorded short videos clips. But if you thought that would be it for a while, and the company would now concentrate in making the Snapchat goggles …

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Pogue: Here’s what Snapchat is all about

Today is a big day: The company that created Snapchat, that baffling (to parents) smash hit (among teens), is going public. It’s expected to be a huge stock offering, offered at $17 a share, making the company worth $24 billion. This, you understand

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Snapchat cashes in with a massive IPO

Snap, the parent company of the popular messaging app Snapchat, is extremely popular among teenagers. That makes sense; it has a lot in common with teens. It’s a trendsetter copied by older, less hip tech companies. And it has proven to be very good at …

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Don’t be fooled, Snap isn’t a ‘camera company’

Kudos to Snapchat AKA Snap — it looks like the company has pulled off a successful IPO without a massive technical glitch or the bottom falling out from under it. It’s even managed to penetrate the world of “the olds,” at least for a day, dominating


Snap Inc., the Parent Company of Snapchat, Surges in Trading Debut on the New York Stock Exchange

Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, will start trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “SNAP.” The company is valued at 24 billion dollars. Copyright 2017 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be


Twitter Adds More Safety Tools, Will Curb Abusive Accounts

The company behind the popular messaging app Snapchat is expected to start trading Thursday after a better-than-expected stock offering. Snap Inc. passed its first major test on Wall Street on Wednesday as it priced its initial public offering of 200

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Snapchat stock finishes up 44% on first day

Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, had a great day in its debut on the New York Stock Exchange. After pricing the IPO at $17 per share yesterday, the stock opened at $24. It then closed the day at $24.51, a 44 percent premium to the people who


Snapchat IPO goes Nuts, but Should You Avoid the Hype?

This week we’ve written to you about interest rates, economic data, resources and property. And today I’m talking about none of that. We’re taking a hard right turn, to point out one of the most important aspects of investing. In fact if you’re able to

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Snap Trading Opens at $24 on New York Stock Exchange

Snap Inc., parent company of Snapchat, makes its debut on the New York Stock Exchange. TheStreet Staff. Follow. Mar 2, 2017 4:38 PM EST. Snap Inc. ( SNAP) , parent company of Snapchat, makes its debut on the New York Stock Exchange. Shares opened …

Snapchat’s latest venture, a Snap drone

Snap Inc. has been exploring numerous segments of the consumer product market in the recent past. Popular photo-sharing app Snapchat, who changed it’s company name to Snap Inc. sometime last year is reportedly working on a drone. The purpose of the …

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SEC advisory committee to question Snap’s transparency for investors

An investor committee that advises the US Securities and Exchange Commission will next week review if Snap Inc’s decision to deny shareholders voting rights might also reduce the social media company’s public disclosures on executive pay and other …

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Snap explored selling a 360 camera

What comes after Spectacles for the “camera company”? Snap has explored 360 cameras as a future product, according to three sources familiar with the matter. Snap brought in a camera developer with expertise in 360 cameras and stereoscopic cameras to …


Can Snapchat visionary keep the app cool?

Control freak or visionary?: The venture capitalists who have invested US$3bil (RM13.34bil) in Snapchat throughout the last five years view Spiegel as a sort of youth translator and millennial whisperer, but analysts believe that to truly succeed Snap

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Beyond Snapchat And Spectacles: Snap Reportedly Working On A Camera Drone

With the Snap IPO just around the corner, news just surfaced that the company has reportedly been working on a camera drone. The project could significantly boost its appeal and help it better position itself as a modern camera company. ( Kevork

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Snap, Inc. Really Does Want to Be GoPro

In January, I quipped that Snap (NYSE:SNAP), which is set to price its IPO this evening ahead of commencing trading tomorrow, should just go ahead and merge with GoPro for no other reason other than that each company seemingly wants to become the …

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What is Snapchat and How Does it Work

This is a jargon-free, easy to understand explanation that answers the question of the year, “What is Snapchat?” You’ve likely heard about Snapchat in the news, seen it on your kid’s phone or watched a relative use the app to put funny faces on people

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COLUMN-Trump’s GDP target won’t last in a Snapchat world: James Saft

March 2 Look no further than Thursday’s initial public offering of Snap Inc for a short course on why Donald Trump is highly unlikely to make his target of 3 percent annual economic growth. The stock offering is a smash, soaring more than 50 percent on


Snap Is Reportedly Working on a Drone

Snap Inc, the company responsible for Snapchat, is reportedly working on a drone. The drone will be used to take aerial photos and videos, but the work on them is still initial, and it is unsure whether it will be launched for consumers or not. The New


Snapchat Might Be Building a Drone

As Snap prepares for what is expected to be the biggest tech opening on Wall Street in years, rumors are rumbling that it has a new projects in the works: a drone. Leaked New York Times the day before its IPO, the project remains internal the secretive

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