Hard border ‘inevitable and harmful’

Hard border 'inevitable and harmful' The government should consider a reduced VAT rate for the Northern Ireland tourism industry after Brexit, a House of Commons committee has said. The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee has been investigating how the tax system affects tourism businesses …

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Northern Ireland could see tax on tourism and flights slashed after Brexit, say MPs

Tax on tourism and flights in Northern Ireland could be slashed once the UK leaves the EU, an influential committee of MPs said. The hospitality industry pays VAT at a rate more than twice that of competitors in the Republic of Ireland. EU law prevents

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Third parliamentary select committee calls for reducing Tourism VAT

A third major parliamentary select committee has come out in favour of reducing tourism VAT. The recommendation by the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee in Westminster, is another massive step in moves to make the UK tourism industry on a level

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Hard border ‘inevitable and harmful’

The return of a hard border between the Republic and Northern Ireland is “inevitable” and will disrupt trade and harm the economy, a leading economist has warned ahead of his lecture in Cork this week. Philippe Legrain is the inaugural speaker at the

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