WhatsApp, Telegram flaws left accounts vulnerable to hackers

WhatsApp, Telegram flaws left accounts vulnerable to hackers WhatsApp and Telegram users were exposed to having their accounts taken over and to ransom demands by a vulnerability in the messaging apps’ online versions. Both apps use end-to-end encryption to protect their users’ messages from interception.


Fixed WhatsApp vulnerability put hundreds of millions of users at risk

Hackers exploiting the weakness could send innocent images with malicious code, which, once clicked upon, allowed complete account access. A Telegram and WhatsApp vulnerability putting millions at risk has been thwarted by Check Point technologies 2.

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WhatsApp security flaw leaves ‘hundreds of millions’ of users vulnerable to hackers

A security vulnerability in the desktop versions of two popular ultra-secure messaging applications – WhatsApp and Telegram – was recently discovered that gave hackers the ability to completely take over the personal accounts of “hundreds of millions

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Flaw in web versions of WhatsApp, Telegram put accounts at risk

screen-shot-2017-03-15-at-12-59- File Photo. Security researchers say a new vulnerability could have exposed WhatsApp and Telegram user accounts in a matter of seconds. According to researchers from Check Point, the security flaw permits attackers to …


Whatsapp, Telegram Correct Security Flaws Which Compromised User Accounts

Check Point Software Technologies Inc researchers discovered flaws in the instant messaging applications Whatsapp and Telegram which allowed them to seize control of accounts on these apps. Whatsapp and Telegram have now corrected these problems …


Security Researchers Discover Vulnerabilities In WhatsApp And Telegram

If you are using either WhatsApp or Telegram’s messaging apps, it seems that security researchers over at Check Point have discovered (via 9to5Mac) some security vulnerabilities that could potentially allow a hacker to take over your account, which we


WhatsApp, Telegram Flaw Gives Hackers Full Account Access

A new vulnerability discovered in popular messaging services like WhatsApp and Telegram lets hackers assume complete control over accounts. A newly discovered vulnerability within WhatsApp Web and Telegram Web, online platforms for two popular …

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WhatsApp, Telegram Security Flaw Could Have Let Hackers Control Accounts; Fixes Issued

WhatsApp and Telegram patched flaws in their popular instant messaging applications after security researchers showed that they could seize control of user accounts. Researchers with Check Point Software Technologies Inc discovered problems with the …


Just One Photo Could Have Hacked Millions Of WhatsApp Accounts

Anyone using WhatsApp through their desktop browser could have had their messages silently snooped on and their accounts completely hijacked in the last two years, security researchers warned Wednesday. That’s because of a flaw, believed to have been …


Check Point Discloses How Hackers Can Take Over Hundreds of Millions of Whatsapp & Telegram Accounts in Seconds

Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP) researchers today revealed a new vulnerability on WhatsApp & Telegram’s online platforms – WhatsApp Web & Telegram Web – two of the world’s most popular messaging services. By exploiting …


Some Hackers Figured Out How to Take Control of Any WhatsApp Account

Security researchers just announced the discovery of major vulnerabilities in WhatsApp and Telegram, two popular messaging apps with end-to-end encryption, when used in an internet browser. In related news, you can use WhatsApp and Telegram in an …


WhatsApp And Telegram Allowed Hackers To Hijack Accounts With Just 1 Image: Here’s What Happened

WhatsApp and Telegram, two messaging apps renowned for their security, had a severe security flaw that left “hundreds of millions of accounts” exposed. Check Point Security researchers recently notified the two companies and both WhatsApp and Telegram …

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WhatsApp and Telegram security flaws made user accounts vulnerable to hijacking on the web

The researchers at Check Point Security have today revealed that the web portal of popular encrypted messaging apps — WhatsApp and Telegram were vulnerable to attacks from hackers. This bug targetted user accounts via innocent-looking images and …

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WhatsApp, Telegram flaws left accounts vulnerable to hackers

Telegram, an encrypted-messaging service, patched a problem flagged by security researchers, but said the flaw wasn’t likely to have affected any users. Telegram. If you use WhatsApp or Telegram on your web browser, you’ll want to shut down the browser …


Booby-Trapped Photo Flaw Left WhatsApp, Telegram Accounts Vulnerable

A cyber-security research firm warns that WhatsApp and Telegram users may have unknowingly let hackers into their accounts—simply by looking at a photo that contained malicious lines of code. To gain full access to your account, all a hacker had to do


Security flaw found in WhatsApp and Telegram patched

Check Point Software Technologies said that it alerted Telegram and Facebook-owned WhatsApp last week, waiting until the vulnerability was patched before making it public. PHOTO: AFP. Published. 3 hours ago. Updated. 1 hour ago. Facebook Twitter …

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