Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolis DLC Will Have A Little Surprise For Episode Prompto

Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolis DLC Will Have A Little Surprise For Episode Prompto We need to wait a couple more weeks until Final Fantasy XV gets its Episode: Gladiolus DLC, but in the meantime you can check out a new trailer for the Gladio story that Square Enix shared at PAX East 2017.


Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Gladiolus trailer is here!

Final Fantasy XV showed up big at PAX East 2017 this weekend with its Episode Gladious DLC out to prove that the game has enough legs to carry it throughout the year. As the first of these chapters, this one is responsible for setting the pace and tone


‘Final Fantasy 15’ News: Gameplay Changes, Unique Features Included In ‘Episode Gladiolus’ DLC Pack Revealed

Gladiolus Amicitia will be the star of “Final Fantasy 15’s” first story-centric downloadable content pack, and players will also be able to control him once “Episode Gladiolus” is released. Final Fantasy XV official websiteThe ‘Episode Gladiolus’ DLC

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Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus To Take Around 2-3 Hours To Complete

A new hands on from Game Informer has revealed interesting information about the upcoming Episode Gladiolus expansion for Final Fantasy XV. The first paid expansion for the role playing game with Prince Noctis and all of his party friends is set to


PAX East 2017: Here are the first 15 minutes of Final Fantasy XV’s Episode: Gladiolus DLC

PAX East 2017 continues to roll out the gameplay previews, this time it’s Final Fantasy XV Episode: Gladiolus. Gladio’s solo adventure is the first of the separate character DLC’s that Square Enix has planned, and as its release draws closer, we


Play as Final Fantasy XV’s Gladiolus on March 28

It’s time to get some more hands-on with Gladiolus. Square Enix revealed that Final Fantasy XV’s second DLC, “Episode: Gladiolus,” will be releasing on March 28th. The trailer, first revealed at PAX, shows Gladiolus set to take on the challenge of

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Check Out the PAX East Trailer for Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Gladiolus DLC

Square Enix has released a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Gladiolus DLC episode at PAX East. The video provides a closer look at the enemies that Gladiolus and Cor will encounter during their excursion, including classic series mainstay …


Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolis DLC Will Have A Little Surprise For Episode Prompto

Final Fantasy XV launched after a decade of development and now Square Enix is working on story DLCs for the game that will focus on Noctis’ companions. Fans of the game are excited about the upcoming Episode Gladiolis and Square Enix has shared …


Final Fantasy 15’s ‘Episode Gladiolus’ Trailer Adds More to the Story

Gladio is getting his own story DLC for Final Fantasy 15 on March 28, and not only does the hero get some extra screen time, but so does an old nemesis. Gilgamesh shows himself in a new trailer released by Square Enix at PAX East. (Spoilers follow).


The Official FFXV: Episode Gladiolus Trailer Has Landed

To celebrate the end of PAX East in Boston, Square Enix released the official trailer for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus. While we’d seen some of the gameplay from the game’s first DLC, the official trailer is a little bit cleaner, a whole lot

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Square Enix reminds us of Final Fantasy’s 30th anniversary with new “Timeless Legacy” trailer

As much as I love Final Fantasy, it’s always one step behind The Legend of Zelda at the forefront of our most iconic video game franchises. Take this past year for example. Final Fantasy XV came out last year to acclaim and praise, and fans were joyous


More Final Fantasy XV Character Episodes Could Be Made After Upcoming Ones

Episode Gladiolus, the first major DLC and the first of three post-launch episodes scheduled for Final Fantasy XV is releasing in a few weeks (check out the episode’s first 15 minutes here). And in an interview with GameSpot, Haruyoshi Sawatari, the

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Square Enix Reveals ‘Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus’ Trailer, Episode To Focus On Character Gladio

Square Enix has revealed the official PAX Trailer for its upcoming “Final Fantasy XV” story DLC “Episode Gladiolus.” The DLC will be available for download on March 28. ( Final Fantasy XV | YouTube ). Advertisement. Players excited to know what

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‘Final Fantasy XV’ Episode Gladiolus Details Revealed; Haruyoshi Sawatari Tailored the Game, Battle System and UI

The upcoming “Final Fantasy XV” features Prince Noctis and his journey to Lucis. If players wanted to spend time with the “best boys,” then the only bet is to play the forthcoming character DLC chapters. Everything will be awesome in Episode Gladiolus …

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Final Fantasy XV Gladio DLC Plot Revealed

By Evan Campbell Gladio goes after classic villain Gilgamesh to become more powerful in Final Fantasy XV’s first DLC episode. Square Enix released the official trailer for Episode Gladiolus over the weekend (seen below), revealing the classic Final


Walk softly and carry a big sword in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus

Over the PAX East 2017 weekend, I sat down to play through a slice of Final Fantasy XV’s upcoming Episode Gladiolus DLC. Though I can’t talk about story-specific details – both at the request of Square Enix and because I already forgot what the hell …


Watch the First 15 Mins of Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus

This is character story DLC featuring Gladiolus set during the events of Final Fantasy XV. Plus, 11 more minutes of gameplay. Playing as Gladiolus, combat will be more action oriented than playing as Noctis in the base game. There is also an Ultimate

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Final Fantasy XV: Square Enix Wisely Prioritizes Gladio DLC

Final Fantasy XV is now in the realm of patching the game with DLC and Square Enix has wisely chosen to start with Gladio, the best of the bunch. Final Fantasy XV went off and did some pretty revolutionary things for a Final Fantasy title. From the

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Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus First DLC Trailer Released

Square Enix has released the first trailer for the upcoming story DLC for Final Fantasy XV called Episode Gladiolus. This is character story DLC featuring Gladiolus set during the events of Final Fantasy XV. The trailer for the game was shown for the


Final Fantasy 15 Gladiolus Story DLC Episode – Check Out More Than 8 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

Rejoice, Final Fantasy XV fans. We have brand new footage (and plenty of it) for the game’s upcoming very first story DLC, Episode Gladiolus, and as such, there is also much that we can now talk about in terms of gameplay details. The DLC, which


Final Fantasy 15: Episode Gladiolus DLC Takes 2-3 Hours to Complete – Report

Final Fantasy 15 will be receiving some new content later this month with Episode Gladiolus, the first real DLC for the game that sees Gladio as the starring character and embarking on his own quest to become stronger. The DLC will cost you $4.99 if


Final Fantasy 15: Episode Gladiolus – Key Questions Answered

Final Fantasy XV follows Prince Noctis and his entourage all over Lucis, but if you want to spend more time with the “best boys,” your best bet is to play the upcoming character DLC chapters. Kicking things off is Episode Gladiolus, which focuses on