iPhone iOS Security Problems, Latest News: Apple Addresses WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 Reveal on CIA’s iPhone Exploits

iPhone iOS Security Problems, Latest News: Apple Addresses WikiLeaks' Vault 7 Reveal on CIA's iPhone Exploits Many Americans’ initial reaction to last week’s WikiLeaks release of CIA hacking tools was, “Is my TV really watching me?” The answer to that: Extremely unlikely. A CIA tool, dubbed Weeping Angel, allegedly works only on 55-inch Samsung F8000 TVs.


The real shocker in the WikiLeaks scoop

WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange’s revelation last week of the CIA’s arsenal of hacking tools had a misplaced tone of surprise, a bit like Claude Rains’s famous line in “Casablanca”: “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!” The

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Acting FTC Head: Internet of Things Should Self-Regulate

Apple Inc. is expected to launch a new cool iPhone model this year. New reports leaked out of Japan claim the Cupertino-based tech giant has been testing multiple iPhone models. It has yet to finalize a 10th-anniversery iPhone to be launched this year …

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WikiLeaks dump brings CIA spying powers into the spotlight

Has the CIA ever spied on you? That’s a key question swirling around the WikiLeaks document dump that allegedly details the U.S. agency’s secret hacking tools. The documents themselves don’t reveal much about who the CIA might have snooped on.

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WikiLeaks’ release of CIA trove a wake-up call for cyber security

The release by WikiLeaks of some 8,000 Central Intelligence Agency documents showing the agency found flaws in many internet devices should serve as a warning to firms about keeping up-to-date on cyber security measures, although is unlikely to have a …

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Why WikiLeaks’ CIA Hacking Trove Is a Boon to Putin’s Russia

The latest trove of documents released by WikiLeaks, which purports to reveal the CIA’s “entire” arsenal of hacking tools, could ultimately do as much damage to the agency’s operations as the revelations of Cold War–era spies Aldrich Ames and Robert …

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Leak of CIA Hacking Secrets Serves as Alert to Close Security Gaps

NEWS ANALYSIS: The exposure of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s hacking tools give an unsettling look at the capabilities of U.S. spies, but also a clear view of your vulnerabilities. cia logo. The U.S. Government’s response to the publication by …


Thomas: A Wiki-flood of leaks

Most Americans, I suspect, have the attitude that if the government is spying on someone there is probably a good reason. In the latest document dump by WikiLeaks, Julian Assange’s outfit may cause some to rethink that premise.

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What You Need to Know About the Wikileaks CIA Documents

A federal criminal investigation is underway after Wikileaks published documents detailing alleged CIA hacking operations. Robert Jorgensen, the Program Director of Cybersecurity Studies at Utah Valley University, joined GMU to talk about the latest …


CIA spying and the Theatre of Privacy

So, how gadget paranoid do we need to be given last week’s Wikileaks dump about how the CIA is spying on us via our smartphones and TV sets? Not so much, really. A lot of the coverage about the Vault 7 data dump was breathless nonsense. You would …


How much are vendor security assurances worth after the CIA leaks?

Following the recent revelations about the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s cyberespionage arsenal, software vendors reiterated their commitments to fix vulnerabilities in a timely manner and told users that many of the flaws described in the agency

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Former CIA Director Blames Millennials For WikiLeaks Documents

Michael Hayden, the former director of the CIA, has claimed that millennials are more likely to leak information due to “cultural differences.” Speaking to the BBC following the publishing of WikiLeaks Vault 7 documents, former CIA director Michael

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Insiders, Trump or Russia? CIA leaks sow suspicion

They call themselves the Nerds — an acronym for Networking, Engineering, Research and Development Symposium, the term they used for their lunchtime “tech talk” brainstorming sessions. Mostly men in their 20s and 30s, they looked like any other group

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The Content of the “Vault 7” CIA Leaks Matters More Than the Source

It is the leakiest of times in the Executive Branch. Last week, Wikileaks published a massive and, by all accounts genuine, trove of documents revealing that the CIA has been stockpiling, and lost control of, hacking tools it uses against targets


CIA files: Real and a risk? – WikiLeaks releases documents about ‘hacking tools’

This April 13, 2016 file photo shows the seal of the Central Intelligence Agency at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. WASHINGTON, March 8, (AP): WikiLeaks has published thousands of documents that the anti-secrecy organization said were classified …


What is WikiLeaks?

Recent US history is dotted with major government leaks. There’s the Pentagon Papers, which revealed a secret bombing campaign led by the US during the Vietnam War. Then there’s Deep Throat, a pseudonym for the government informant who leaked …