Microsoft plans Windows 10 battery boost by throttling background apps

Microsoft plans Windows 10 battery boost by throttling background apps Microsoft has outlined a new update schedule for future installments of Windows 10 and Office 365, with feature releases set to align and come twice a year. Windows 10 updates will now arrive in March and September each year, with the next release set

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Microsoft commits to twice yearly updates to Windows 10, Office 365

Microsoft is offering IT pros some new guidance on when they can expect major feature updates for Windows 10, Office 365’s client applications, and System Center Configuration Manager. Office and Windows are slated to receive two major patches per year

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Microsoft reveals killer power management feature for Windows 10 Redstone 3

Microsoft is introducing a major new feature for Windows 10 with the upcoming “Redstone 3” release that will help save battery life on some laptops. The new feature is called Power Throttling — which, amusingly, is a temporary name for now but


Microsoft promises twice-yearly Windows 10, O365 updates – with just 18 months’ support

Updated Microsoft’s explained how often it intends to offer “feature updates” to Windows 10: twice a year in March and September. That schedule will bring Windows 10 into line with the update schedule already used by Office 365 ProPlus. Knowing when …

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Microsoft’s Latest App Throttle Feature for Windows 10 to Help Improve Battery Life

The fact that Windows-powered laptops usually lag behind its Mac OS counterparts in terms of battery life isn’t any mystery in the PC industry. Microsoft, however, seems to be taking baby strides towards changing its reputation by including a new power …

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Microsoft promises two major Windows 10 updates

Microsoft has officially confirmed that two new major updates to Windows 10 are on its way. The tech giant took to its official website to make this announcement. In a blog post, Microsoft confirmed that the update will be called “Redstone 3” and that

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Microsoft announces major change to how it rolls out Windows 10 updates

Updates will now be bi-annual, with the first of the these for 2017 being the Windows Creator Update that has just been released. From now on, major updates to Windows 10 will be released in in March and September and will be supported and serviced for …

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How to take advantage of the new Set These Tabs Aside feature in Microsoft Edge

Avoid tab overload and search the web more efficiently using Microsoft Edge in the Windows 10 Creators Update. By Greg Shultz | April 20, 2017, 10:36 AM PST. Email; Print; Reddit; Delicious; Digg; Pinterest; Stumbleupon; Google Plus.


Microsoft changes Windows update programme

Microsoft plans to release two feature updates a year for Windows 10 every March and September. With each release, System Center Configuration Manager will support this new aligned update model for Office 365 ProPlus and Windows 10. This should …


Microsoft plans Windows 10 battery boost by throttling background apps

Microsoft has rolled out a number of new features to Insiders that are expected to become part of its Redstone 3 update, out towards later this year – including a feature that will automatically throttle background apps in order to save power. Battery

Hack lets older Windows users get around Windows 10 update restriction

Microsoft keeps saying that it’s not going to be as aggressive about Windows 10 upgrades as it used to be, but actions speak louder than words. Recently, users discovered that they were not able to receive the latest security updates on their Windows 7


​Don’t want Windows 10? Dev helps new PCs bypass Microsoft’s block on Windows 7, 8.1 updates

Microsoft warned users on Windows 7 and 8.1 in January 2016 that it would restrict Windows support to Windows 10 for the latest chips. Image: Microsoft. A developer has created a patch to bypass Microsoft’s effort to restrict PCs with newer processors


Microsoft commits to twice-yearly Windows 10 updates

MICROSOFT HAS committed to banal updates to the Windows Operating System in March and September. Sorry. That should read ‘biannual updates’. The company has basically been doing this for a while and we knew that after the Creators Update …


Microsoft Patches Shadow Brokers Exploits, Updates Privacy Controls

The hacking group Shadow Brokers last week revealed a large number of Windows vulnerabilities it claims to have stolen from the National Security Agency (NSA), but Microsoft said Friday that it has already patched most of them. The company has also …

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Microsoft to stick with twice-a-year feature updates for Windows 10

Microsoft has announced it will stick with twice-a-year feature update schedule for Windows 10 . (Source: Reuters). Microsoft has announced it will stick with twice-a-year feature update schedule for Windows 10, which will be released in March and …

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Microsoft Windows and Office 365 updates will now arrive on a regular schedule

The company that brought you Patch Tuesday is now going to release Windows and Office 365 updates together on a regular schedule. Microsoft’s Bernardo Caldas announced the move in a blog post Thursday, with plans to start the synchronized updates …