‘Masked’ meth: First time method used, as four men charged with importing $100m of the substance

'Masked' meth: First time method used, as four men charged with importing $100m of the substance Four people have been arrested and charged over a range of offences relating to the manufacture of methamphetamine. New meth shipment found in Auckland. Source: NZ Police. The first has appeared in the Auckland District Court today and the others are …


Man arrested in major drug sting in Auckland granted name suppression

160 litres of t-boc methamphetamine was imported in New Zealand disguised as as dishwashing liquid. One of three men accused of importing methamphetamine disguised as dishwashing liquid has appeared in court. The 47-year-old, who was granted …


New kind of meth ‘labelled as dishwashing liquid’

A new kind of methamphetamine has been discovered smuggled into the country disguised as dishwashing liquid, police say. t-boc methamphetamine. Authorities said the meth was in containers of dishwashing liquid imported from Hong Kong.

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‘Masked’ meth: First time method used, as four men charged with importing $100m of the substance

Four individuals were in court in Auckland today charged with a range of offences relating to the supply of methamphetamine imported in dishwashing liquid containers, above. Photo / via Police. The recent bust of “masked” methamphetamine could be the …

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Media advisory – media stand-up on t-Boc methamphetamine investigation

Detective Superintendent Dave Lynch will be available this afternoon for a brief media stand-up regarding today’s announcement about the t-Boc methamphetamine seizure in Auckland. When: 3.30pm. Where: Harlech House, 482 Great South Road, Otahuhu …

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Police seize meth imported in new form

Police say the first seizure in New Zealand of a new form of methamphetamine shows there is no room for complacency in the fight against drug importation. 15 March 2017. The first seizure of t-boc methamphetamine in New Zealand shows there is no room …


Meth smuggling: Customs can’t detect new method

Criminal syndicates in China have devised a new way to get methamphetamine into the country, by making the drug undetectable. Police and Customs have made their first ever seizure of what’s called “t-boc”, a chemical agent used to disguise other …


Four men charged after importing 160 litres of meth labelled as dishwashing liquid

Police say it’s hard to know the demand for meth, but they’re determined to stop the supply chain. A joint police and Customs sting caught 160 litres of methamphetamine as it entered New Zealand, labelled as dishwashing liquid. Four men, aged 38, 47, …


Meth bust: ‘It was disguised as dishwashing liquid’

A drug expert says a clever chemist has been at work…disguising methamphetamine as dishwashing liquid. LISTEN ABOVE: Larry Williams talks to the professor of Toxicology at the University of Canterbury, Ian Shaw, about exactly what T-Boc meth is and …

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Group appears in court on methamphetamine charges

Police say they’ve uncovered a new way methamphetamine is being smuggled into New Zealand – the addictive drug is being “masked” at the source country, then chemically altered to turn into P once it arrives here. Four men aged 59, 47, 38 and 54, face …

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