Movie Review: Fences – a tale that will move you to tears

Movie Review: Fences - a tale that will move you to tears It’s the run-up to Christmas and everybody in Los Angeles is bemoaning the chilly weather. As we settle down in the Beverly Hills Hotel, Viola Davis draws a warm jacket around her shoulders. Not that she’s complaining: throughout our conversation she

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Oscars recognize several minorities

Denzel Washington and Viola Davis appear together in “Fences,” a film that got them each a nomination at the Oscars this year. Courtesy IMDb. DeKALB | The Oscars have been deemed “whitewashed” by many film advocates noting a lack of racial diversity …

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Movie Review: Fences – a tale that will move you to tears

I’m guessing, with a great, apparently rewarding and enjoyable career in front of the camera, he doesn’t often feel the need to tell the story himself. But, Denzel has taken the chair three times now, for the under-rated 2002 Antwone Fisher, 2007’s The

‘Fences’ might be an elaborately filmed play, but it’s still breathtaking

When studio heads get together to discuss their next projects, an adaptation of a play is rarely high on the priority list. Plays tend to have small followings and rarely attract “Lion King”-sized audiences. Unless they’re musicals, plays never exactly

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From abject poverty to the Oscars: how Viola Davis took on Hollywood, and won – in pictures

It’s difficult to find a story more inspiring than that of Viola Davis. Following a childhood growing up in abject poverty, Viola Davis discovered the arts, performing everywhere and anywhere that would let her. While she broke out on Broadway, it took

Karl Lindholm: ‘Fences’ shows how ‘deprivation of possibility’ mars a game and its players

“Ain’t but two men ever played baseball as good as you. That’s Babe Ruth and Josh Gibson.” That’s Jim Bono, the best friend of Troy Maxson, the protagonist of August Wilson’s play “Fences” referring to Troy’s stature in baseball’s Negro leagues

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