Government dragging its heels on Apple tax: Labour

Government dragging its heels on Apple tax: Labour Apple paid roughly zip to New Zealand Inland Revenue—that country’s taxing authority—over ten years, even while selling $4.2 billion in merchandise in the country. The practice is scrupulously legal—and therefore OK in the eyes of many. I, however

The Mac Observer (blog)

Apple’s tax bill leaves sour taste for Kiwis

Hard working Kiwi taxpayers have every reason to feel outraged by revelations that a massive company like Apple, with billions of dollars of New Zealand revenue, has paid no New Zealand tax over ten years, says Labour’s Revenue spokesperson Michael … (press release)

US Apple users urge company to ‘do the right thing’ and pay NZ taxes

American-based Apple users are weighing in behind Kiwi politicians who are calling for the US tech giant to pay its taxes in New Zealand. Bryan Chaffin of The Mac Observer, an Apple community blog site founded in 1998, has urged Apple chief executive …

New Zealand Herald

Q&A: What makes Apple NZ’s tax arrangements ‘unique’?

Apple may be one of the companies affected by proposed changes to NZ’s “permanent establishment” rules, but that probably won’t mean a huge bill. Relevant offers. Apple’s NZ tax practices may seem unfair, but there might only be a few million dollars

Apple pays zero tax in NZ despite sales of $4.2 billion

Apple’s New Zealand operations are wholly owned by an Australian parent and appear to be run from there. Photo / AP. Consumer electronics giant Apple paid no income tax to Inland Revenue over the past decade despite selling billions of dollars worth of …

New Zealand Herald

Government dragging its heels on Apple tax: Labour

But now it seems much of the tax Apple does pay in Australia could be coming from New Zealand. The arrangement is legitimate under New Zealand law. In March current Revenue Minister Judith Collins announced a crackdown on multi-nationals. Labour is …


Government seeking to close multinational tax loopholes

Tax and accountancy lecturer Dr Deborah Russell says there are moves afoot by international accounting bodies to tighten up avoidance. Multinational companies like Apple may soon pay more tax in New Zealand. Apple’s accounts over the past 10 years …

The Press

Editorial: Is this rotten, Apple?

We revealed today that Apple has been shown to pay $0 to Inland Revenue in income tax. Photo / AP. There is legitimate debate over how much tax multinational companies should be expected to pay in New Zealand. Given these firms, particularly in the …

New Zealand Herald

Apple reportedly dodged $365m in NZ tax

Technology giant Apple has reportedly paid no tax in New Zealand over the past decade. Despite sales of more than $4 billion in the country, Apple says most of its tax is paid in the US because that is where the products are designed. ‘Because our

Sky News Australia

Apple dodges NZ tax questions: ‘We follow the law’

Technology giant Apple has dodged questions over a report it paid no tax in New Zealand in a decade. Instead, Apple responded by saying it paid most of its tax in the United States, where the company was based. Apple claims to be the largest taxpayer

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