AMD Ryzen 5 Release Date, Specs News: Midrange CPU Lineup to Launch in April

AMD Ryzen 5 Release Date, Specs News: Midrange CPU Lineup to Launch in April Apple launched the MacBook Pro last year and it offering up many promises that it didn’t keep thanks to the poor battery life and the performance, which was mediocre at best. One of the main reasons why it was a failure was that Apple used the Intel

Microsoft To Defy Trends In Surface Pro 5 With 4K UltraHD And AMD Ryzen; October Launch Expected

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Update: Surface Pro 5 Launches In Spring 2017 With Six Important The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is expected to roll out with six essential features, such as Windows 10 Creators Update. (Photo : Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images).

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AMD rumoured to be working on a 16C/32T Ryzen CPU

Rumours swirled around the internet this weekend as two distinct sources claimed that AMD is working on Zen-based HEDT (high-end desktop) processors and motherboards. France’s Canard PC and China’s ChipHell (Via DigiWorthy) both assert that AMD …


MacBook Pro 32GB Configuration Can’t Make it in 2017; Apple Chooses from Ryzen, Cannon Lake, Kaby Lake …

It seems like the hotly anticipated MacBook Pro with 32GB of RAM cannot make it on 2017 because of the considerations that Apple is currently taking most especially in the aspect of choosing a processor. Choosing processing chipsets is taking its time

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AMD claims its Ryzen 5 is better value than Intel’s Core i5

The company says that optimizations for the default Balanced profile that are better suited to Ryzen desktop CPUs will be made available through an AMD-provided update by the first week of April. Based on the company’s new Zen architecture, the …


Is Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) Going All Out To Take Down Intel Corporation (INTC)?

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) is trying to outrun Intel Corporation (INTC) once again with its latest offerings. AMD stock could gain big from this. Is Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) Going All Out To Take Down Flickr. Shares of Sunnyvale …


Ryzen 5 series is Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD) Weapon Against Highly Popular Mainstream Intel CPUs

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) [Trend Analysis] try to make new thrust in street and making different trends, stocks trading ended with -1.17% to $13.49. The Ryzen 5 series is AMD’s weapon against the highly popular mainstream Intel CPUs …

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AMD rumored to be working on a 16-core, 32-thread Ryzen CPU due later this year

AMD may have ironed out gaming problems with its second iteration of Ryzen CPUs, just in time to offer competition to Intel’s upcoming chips. AMD is rumored to be working on more Ryzen CPUs that add even more cores and threads to the equation.

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AMD Stock Soars As Analysts Boost Price Targets

AMD stock climbed by as much as 7% on Monday after two analysts boosted their price target. The new Ryzen chips are being launched, and it seems that things are going quite smoothly with the launch. Advanced Micro Devices will have only part of a …


AMD Ryzen 5 Release Date, Specs News: Midrange CPU Lineup to Launch in April

After the launch of AMD’s higher-end Ryzen 7 central processing unit (CPU) series earlier this month, AMD has announced the upcoming release of its midrange Ryzen 5 CPU series this coming April. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.A promotional photo for …

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AMD Coming Up with Consumer-Oriented 16-Core / 32-Thread Ryzen CPU for HEDT

AMD is reportedly planning to release a 16-core, 32-thread processor capable of powering high-end desktop platform (HEDT) which is almost comparable to servers when it comes to performance. The said project will support quad-channel DDR4 memory, …

AMD Aims to Shake Up the Mainstream CPU Market Next Month

The first batch of Advanced Micro Devices’ (NASDAQ: AMD) Ryzen PC CPUs launched on March 2 to mixed reviews. The Ryzen 7 series, all high-end chips aimed at competing with Intel’s (NASDAQ: INTC) best, offers impressive performance in applications …

MacBook Pro 2017 Specs: 2017 Launch Drops Intel Officially? Ryzen 7 CPU More Likely

MacBook Pro 2017 upcoming launch marks the return of a more powerful MacBook Pro lineup as Apple is expected to bring new technologies. Rumors also claim that the Cupertino-based company is set to use AMD’s Ryzen 7 CPU instead of Intel processors.

Zen Based 16 Core/32 Thread AMD Ryzen CPU In The Works?

When it comes to AMD Ryzen CPUs, AMD already has the upper hand when it comes to price and core count. We heard that Intel could be introducing a consumer-friendly Skylake-X CPU in order to counter this new emerging threat but AMD could have …


AMD is working on 16 core Ryzen CPU

According to leak from CanardPC, AMD might is already working on a new high-end Ryzen CPU socket which will be compatible with 16 core and 32 thread CPUs. Furthermore this new socket and chipset will support quad-channel DDR4 memory, ramping …

Rumor: AMD may be planning a 16-core, 32-thread Ryzen titan to challenge Intel’s Broadwell-E, Skylake-X

AMD’s Ryzen 7 1800X, 1700X, and 1700 all debuted earlier this month, officially putting Intel on notice that Team Green was back and ready to fight. Now, there’s a rumor making the rounds that Ryzen 18 may not be the end of AMD’s desktop ambitions.


AMD Ryzen 16-Core CPU To Beat Intel In Price & Power

AMG’s rumored 16 core Ryzen CPU is making waves in the market, with some even claiming that it is better than Intel’s processors. However, nothing has been confirmed at this point. (Photo : AMD/YouTube). AMD’s Ryzen has been making waves in the …

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Surface Pro 5 Will Include AMD Ryzen, Windows 10 Creators And More

AMD Ryzen packs in true machine intelligence with 8 processor cores, 16 threads and an astonishingly efficient 65W TDP. As AMD continues to make inroads into CPU space with its Ryzen line of processors, more and more manufacturers are looking at …


AMD Ryzen CPU with 16C/32T coming, teased at $999

AMD has shaken up the consumer CPU market with its new Ryzen processors, led by the Ryzen 7 1800X flagship CPU – offering 8C/16T @ 4GHz for $499. This disrupts Intel’s market in a big way, because AMD is offering performance similar to, or better than …


AMD Rumoured to be Working on 16-Core 32-Thread $999 Ryzen CPU to Take on Intel i7-6950X

AMD has caused some major turmoil in the CPU market during the last month or so, significantly undercutting Intel and offering some incredible high-end CPUs for under the $499 price point, as well as Ryzen 5 just around the corner. Don’t think that’s

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AMD Allegedly Readying 16 Core 32 Thread Ryzen Beast CPU With Quad-Channel DDR4

AMD has ascended back into the performance category with its Ryzen processor lineup, though anyone who thinks the company is finished climbing is in for a surprise. Rumor has it (from multiple sources) that AMD is readying a new Ryzen chip with 16

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