It’s Alive! First Living Giant Sulfur-Powered Shipworm Found in Philippines

It's Alive! First Living Giant Sulfur-Powered Shipworm Found in Philippines What is a giant shipworm and why are we just starting to study these sea creatures? giant-ship-worm Photo of a giant shipworm out of its shell. Image via PNAS.ORG. At the top, two flesh-toned siphons swish water over massive gills. At the bottom, a


Giant Shipworm As Long As Human Arm [SEE HERE]

Scientists have finally tracked down the marine “unicorn,” and it looks more like the stuff of nightmares than a famed fairytale creature. Giant worms have been around for a long time, dwelling in the mud of the ocean floor and latching on sunken ships

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Rare giant shipworm found in Philippines

MANILA – An enormous black worm that lives in the mud of the sea floor and survives on the remnants of noxious gases digested by bacteria has been unveiled by scientists for the first time. The slimy giant shipworm can grow up to 155 centimetres in


A five-foot long worm found in Philippines

The rare species, called giant shipworm, reaching almost two metres in length and six centimetres in diameter has been found in the Philippines. The creature has been known about for many years but they have only recently been located in South East

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Three-foot ‘giant worm’ discovered in Philippines

W hat’s the size of a baseball bat, with a gunmetal-black body and a pink, fleshy tail, resembling something from Ridley Scott’s film ‘Alien’? A giant shipworm, recently discovered in the Philippines. Scientists have known of the creature’s existence

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Sulphur-powered giant shipworm unearthed in Philippines

This undated handout photo made available by Marvin Altamia on April 19, 2017 shows a scientist removing the top of the shell revealing a giant shipworm living inside, at a laboratory in Manila. Photo: AFP. This undated handout photo made available by …


This is the First Giant Shipworm We’ve Seen, and We Regret it Now

Since the 1700s, certain collectors have sold long, calcium-hardened shells that looked like hollow baseball bats or elephant tusks. Scientists suspected that giant mollusks made these shells, but a live one had never been recovered inside. It wasn’t


It’s Alive! First Living Giant Sulfur-Powered Shipworm Found in Philippines

These scary creatures have been known to science since the 18th century; however, only recently an international team of researchers for the first time managed to find and examine a living specimen.

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