‘Crazy dream’: the former Delhi IT worker in the race to land on the moon

'Crazy dream': the former Delhi IT worker in the race to land on the moon Every opening hour of every sitting of Lok Sabha which is India’s lower house of Parliament is in most cases kept a side for questions. Member of the lower house parliament can ask the government of the day about anything, and the minister in charge of

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Brewing beer on the moon? This life-changing question was discussed in the Lok Sabha

There are a lot of important questions humanity has not been able to answer or hasn’t answered conclusively. Are we all alone in the cosmos? Is the universe infinite? What exactly is dark matter? Can we brew beer on the moon? Clearly, humanity and …


India is not brewing beer on the moon. The Modi govt minister who said so in Lok Sabha fell victim to social media …

A minister in the Narendra Modi government has been accused of providing inaccurate information in the Lok Sabha last week, when he said that an Indian-based space start-up was planning on brewing beer on the moon. Dr Jitendra Singh, a minister of …


Beer in Space: Government rubbishes mystery around brewery on moon

It was Adhikari, a former union minister of state who asked Narendra Modi government whether an Indian spacecraft was planning to brew beer on the moon. By Nithya Nair | Updated: March 18, 2017 10:03 PM IST Follow Email. 0 Shares. Facebook share …


‘Brewing Beer On The Moon’ Experiment Attracts Attention Of Indian Parliament Members

Minister of the State, PMO, revealed Team Indus’ plans on brewing beer on the lunar surface. (Photo : Astronomy VIDS/YouTube screenshot). Google Lunar XPRIZE, the global race to the Moon, has caught the attention of common people, scientists and even …

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Google Lunar $20M Prize Eligibles TeamIndus Announces Final Lab2Moon Competitors

Team Space4Life and India based Team ZΩI have been shortlisted to fly aboard the TeamIndus Spacecraft. Don’t want to read the full article? Click here for the GIST ? Photo Credit : huffingtonpost.com,. 18 March, 2017 by BW Online Bureau. Print this

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By This Year End, A Small Bengaluru Team Will Launch India’s First Private Mission To The Moon

Axiom Research Labs, India’s first private aerospace company, has a large office within a spacious campus in Bengaluru’s Jakkuru Layout neighbourhood. Inside these premises, Team Indus, a team of hundred plus people, supported and backed by Axiom, …

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‘Crazy dream’: the former Delhi IT worker in the race to land on the moon

Rahul Narayan of the Indian company TeamIndus which is attempting to land on the moon. Photograph: TeamIndus. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter · Share via Email; View more sharing options; Share on LinkedIn · Share on Pinterest · Share on …

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Is India planning to brew beer on the Moon?

Indian politician Sisir Adhikari recently quizzed government ministers on their intentions for extraterrestrial beer brewing, to clarify whether there was a plan to brew beer on the Moon. Adhikari put forward the unusual query on 15 March in

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Beer from moon? Well, not from the government

How well does the experiment goes is yet to be seen, but the novel idea has already raised the bars for this Indian-based team in the said competition. Government Of India, Read full text of the answer here. Out of heaps of questions asked of the

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Will Indian space startup TeamIndus brew Beer on Lunar Surface?

The spacecraft, built by TeamIndus will be blasted off to Moon onboard a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) of ISRO under a business-related launch contract. The competitor companies needed to conduct some specific activities on the surface of Moon.

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West Bengal MP Asks PM Modi If India Is Planning To Brew Beer On The Moon. No Kidding!

When they are not disrupting the activities of the house, throwing random stuff at each other and making a menace inside the parliament during a session, Indian MPs do spend time addressing the grave issues and challenges faced by the modern India.


Government confirms: There are no plans to brew beer on the moon

“There is no plan to brew beer on the moon by any spacecraft to be made by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). Written by Pranav Mukul | New Delhi | Updated: March 18, 2017 9:42 am. Alien Beer, Govt of India Beer on Moon, India ISRO Beer, …

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