MICHAEL CLIFFORD: Five artists of the Apollo were the ones who got their hands dirty

MICHAEL CLIFFORD: Five artists of the Apollo were the ones who got their hands dirty Eight residents returned to Apollo House after the Government failed to address their needs, it has been claimed. Home Sweet Home activists claim the former occupants of the NAMA-owned building were placed in “deplorable” accommodation. One resident …

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Home Sweet Home to ask High Court to extend occupation of Apollo House

Home Sweet Home will go to the High Court today looking to extend the occupation of Apollo House in Dublin. It comes after the group said Housing Minister Simon Coveney was undermining a deal they struck with him. The occupiers of the Dublin city

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Apollo House activists say breakdown in trust with Minister Simon Coveney

Home Sweet Home, the coalition of homeless people and activists occupying Apollo House say there has been a breakdown in trust between them and the Minister for Housing, Simon Coveney. This follows comments by the Minister on Tuesday where he …

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Government vow to open two homeless facilities in Dublin after Apollo House campaign

Two new homeless centres are set to open following talks between Housing Minister Simon Coveney and Apollo House campaigners. As part of the deal the Home Sweet Home group has agreed not to allow any new residents to enter the building. They now …

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Apollo House group: Homeless ‘will not be thrown to the wolves’

The organisers of the Apollo House occupation have said they will not “throw people without homes to the wolves” by complying with a High Court order that they leave the building later this week. The occupiers of the office building, which has been

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Court refuses extension to Apollo House occupiers

The High Court has refused to grant an extension for a stay on its order to vacate Apollo House in Dublin. The judge said the provision of suitable alternative accommodation was a matter for Government not the courts. The case returns to court tomorrow


Home Sweet Home makes government deal but future of Apollo House uncertain

RESIDENTS AT APOLLO House will only leave the makeshift accommodation if promises made by Dublin City Council (DCC) and Simon Coveney are kept. Two new emergency accommodation units are to be opened in the city centre where residents will …


Apollo House Residents Stand Strong In Face Of Court Order To Leave

The Apollo House activists had applied for a one-week extension to their stay before the High Court this morning, however it has just been ruled that the original court order to vacate the building by midday today still stands. Residents and volunteers

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Apollo House: Home Sweet Home supporters form human chain around building

Supporters of the Home Sweet Home movement have formed a human chain around Apollo House, in an attempt to prevent the eviction of residents staying there. The news follows a rejection by the High Court to extend an application to allow residents to …

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Apollo House: Simon Coveney calls on Home Sweet Home to keep up with ongoing negotiations

Housing Minister Simon Coveney has called on Home Sweet Home to continue ongoing negotiations with Dublin City Council in an effort to move homeless residents out of Apollo House. In a statement earlier today after residents refused to obey a High …

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There is an incredible display of people power right now outside outside Apollo House

Supporters of the Homeless movement, Home Sweet Home (HSH), this afternoon linked arms in solidarity with the residents who have taken over occupation of the Dublin building. They have defied a court order which today refused an application for an …


Simon Coveney says residents must leave Apollo House but denies plans to ‘forcibly push them out’

HOUSING MINISTER SIMON Coveney has said that there has been “no attempt” to forcibly remove homeless people from Apollo House. The High Court today refused to increase a stay on an order that requested activist group Home Sweet Home leave …


Cork homeless campaigners protest in solidarity with Apollo House

Campaigners against homelessness staged a protest at Cork City Hall on Wednesday in support of the Home Sweet Home campaign and occupation of Apollo House in Dublin. Up to 50 protestors occupied the foyer of the administration block at Cork City …

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Home Sweet Home to vacate Apollo House as deal struck with Simon Coveney

The occupiers of Apollo House will leave once suitable accommodation is available for its homeless residents, they confirmed this evening. Home Sweet Home say they will not take any more homeless people into Apollo House and will begin to leave.


Apollo House occupiers at High Court seeking further stay

Home Sweet Home (HSH), the coalition of homeless people and activists occupying Apollo House in Dublin city centre, will on Wednesday morning ask the High Court to allow them stay. They had been due to leave the vacant office building by noon on …

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High Court refuses extra week to Apollo House occupiers

The High Court has refused to give the occupiers of the Apollo House office block in Dublin an extra week before they have to leave the building. The Home Sweet Home group has been occupying the vacant offices in the centre of Dublin since mid-December …

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Apollo House: Home Sweet Home threaten not to leave if Coveney fails to clarify claims

Home Sweet Home have called on Housing Minister Simon Coveney to clarify comments made earlier today concerning the nature of two new homeless facilities planned for Dublin City. In a conference last night, the Apollo campaigners revealed two new …

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High Court Rejects Apollo House Campaigners’ Bid to Stay Longer

The High Court has told Apollo House campaigners and rough sleepers they cannot have a one week extension to stay in the Nama-controlled building. A rally in support of the Home Sweet Home activists has been taking place outside Apollo House. Around …


Leaving Apollo House?: Home Sweet Home claims residents are coming back because of drug use

HOMELESSNESS ACTIVIST GROUP Home Sweet Home has claimed that some former residents of Apollo House have returned to the office block because of drug use and a lack of food at new accommodation offered to them. The claim has thrown further …