Adele visits set of Neighbours, posts hilarious Instagram photo

Adele visits set of Neighbours, posts hilarious Instagram photo ADELE was back in the box for her first Melbourne show. Despite stating Adelaide would be the last time she secretly arrived to her stage inside a pimped-out road case, the British superstar was wheeled into her sold out Etihad Stadium show. Indeed she

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Adele stops Melbourne concert to help two gay fans get engaged on stage

Adele was overcome after helping a gay fan propose to his boyfriend during her concert in Melbourne, Australia. The British superstar had spotted a man, Chris, crying as she belted out her hit ballad Hello at the Ethihad Stadium. So Adele being the

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Melbourne Express: Monday, March 20, 2017

Share your journey, news tips, interesting pictures, video and comments with other Melbourne Express readers via email or on Twitter @DebGough. Mystery Melbourne solved. This photograph was taken at the corner of Armin and Cavell streets, Scoresby.

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No dancing bans and secret tweeting: What happened on Adele’s Aussie tour

Adele has stopped the final date of her Australian tour mid-show to stop a security guard asking fans to sit down. During the performance in Melbourne she said: “Just before we go to the next song… excuse me sir? Could you stop telling people to sit

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Adele fans cheer proposal during Melbourne concert

Pop star Adele has helped a couple enjoy a memorable proposal in front of 77,000 fans at a concert in Australia. Wade Nicholson-Doyle took his boyfriend, Chris, to the Melbourne show as a 40th birthday present. When the singer selected the pair from

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Watch Adele’s Impression of Beyoncé, Complete With a Wind Machine

“Hold up, they don’t love you like I love you” might be a line from Beyoncé’s Lemonade album, but it may as well be on a Hallmark card Adele sends to Beyoncé yearly. To further prove she is the world’s greatest Beyhive member, Adele took the stage this …

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Adele to become soap star? Singer snapped on Neighbours set

The 28-year-old has been performing down under and took time out to stop by Ramsay Street for a look around the Neighbours set. She’s not the first UK celebrity to take a trip to the famous street as Geordie Shore’s Scotty T had a cameo role last year.

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See Adele channel Beyoncé at a Melbourne show

Adele had a Beyoncé moment this weekend when she channeled the Lemonade singer at a Melbourne concert. Taking a moment to cool down between songs in front of a large fan onstage, Adele bent forward and started doing a very Beyoncé-like hair toss … (blog)

Adele Invites Gay Couple Onstage For A Surprise Proposal

On Sunday, the Grammy-winning songstress invited Wade Nicholson-Doyle and his boyfriend, Chris, onstage at Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium, as seen in the video above. Much to Adele’s surprise, the meet-and-greet turned into a surprise proposal when …

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Adele Plays Her First Ever Show In Melbourne Australia #REVIEW

I walked into the Adele concert in Melbourne curious and walked out converted. Adele has the ability to perform in front of 75,000+ fans and make them feel like she is talking to them in their lounge room. She is one captivating artist. An Adele show


‘The night of my life’: Adele fan fat-shamed by a stranger at Brisbane concert has ‘amazing’ time on all-expenses

An Adele fan who was fat-shamed by a stranger at the singer’s gig in Brisbane ‘had the night of her life’ on an all-expenses paid trip to see the UK singer again in Melbourne. Leisa Bennett was given two free tickets as well as free accommodation at

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Adele Stops Melbourne Concert To Help Gay Couple Get Engaged

She be known for her songs about broken relationships, but an Adele concert is nothing if not a hotbed for proposals. Last night, the singer stopped her Melbourne show to help a gay couple get engaged (aww). According to reports, Adele brought 37-year


Adele visits set of Neighbours, posts hilarious Instagram photo

ADELE has turned into a British tourist like any other after her blockbuster Australian tour. And she’s shared adorable results on her Instagram. The Grammy-winning superstar has been on a magical mystery tour of Melbourne after performing her final

Adele to Security Guard at Concert: Stop Telling People to Sit Down

During the final concert of her tour Sunday night, Adele stopped the show to tell a security guard to quit asking people to sit down and stop dancing. The 28-year-old singer was performing at Melbourne’s Ethiad Stadium before ending her current tour