Budweiser announces plan to make unprecedented move on Mars

Budweiser announces plan to make unprecedented move on Mars It’s a well-known fact that water is in short supply outside of Earth. And while that makes life all but impossible on other planets, worst of all it means that you can’t get a good beer anywhere else in the known universe. But that might change. Last


Beer on Mars? Budweiser is brewing up a plan to make it happen

If humans ever get to Mars, we’re going to need some liquid refreshment, and Budweiser wants to be the company that provides it. Hey, every business has to look ahead to new markets. Representatives of the company spoke about their foamy dream at …


Budweiser Announces Plans to Brew Beer on Mars

But for the beer geeks among us, it’s another report from Austin that has us totally spaced out: On Saturday Budweiser officially announced its plans to be the first beer on Mars. Granted, the “ambitious commitment,” as the company calls it, is not

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Budweiser announces plan to make unprecedented move on Mars

The beer giant company wants to be the lager you think of when you’re on Mars and you want a cold one. Bud announced plans to be the first beer on the red planet during a panel at South by Southwest in Texas this weekend. With retired astronaut Clay …


Is there beer on Mars? Budweiser aims to be first beer on Red Planet

39 million miles away, the next generation of space exploration awaits its first pioneers. And while life on the Red Planet is still in the near – yet distant – future, Budweiser just unveiled its own ambitious commitment, to create microgravity beer

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Apparently Our Future Diet on Mars Will Consist Entirely of Potatoes and Beer

It’s always been thought of as kind of a sci-fi fantasy, but with the recent discoveries of water on the Red Planet, advancements in technology, and Matt Damon’s inspiring performance in The Martian, it seems that the possibility of a human colony

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Forget The Potatoes, Budweiser Plans On Building A Beer Brewery On Mars

What would go good with an order of french fries on Mars? Ketchup? No. Beer. Budweiser announced plans to take its brand to Mars at the South By Southwest Conference in Austin, Texas. Digital Trends has highlights of the event, which was hosted by Kate …

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