Newspoll: Turnbull back in the game

Newspoll: Turnbull back in the game The latest Newspoll shows voter support for the Coalition has climbed three points, in three weeks. It now trails Labor 48 to 52, Two-Party Preferred. That’s compared to the February result which had Labor at 55 and the coalition on 45.

Stephen Galilee: Coal vital to ensure Turnbull’s hydro plan is snow joke

MALCOLM Turnbull deserves praise for his bold plan to expand the Snowy Hydro scheme. It’s a good step but not the game-changer some believe. It will provide a handy increase in electricity generation capacity. However, this increase will only replace …

Australia’s National Electricity Market – a slow-motion car crash

Malcolm Turnbull at the Snowy scheme last week: Coal-power may be needed to pump the water. Alex Ellinghausen. Share on twitter. by Mark Ludlow. When Audrey Zibelman starts her job as the new chief executive of the Australian Energy Market Operator …

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Newspoll: Turnbull back in the game

Voters have given the Coalition a vital boost in the wake of Malcolm Turnbull’s plan to expand the iconic Snowy Mountains power scheme, shaving Labor’s lead to 52 to 48 per cent in two-party terms and lifting the Prime Minister’s personal ratings.

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Frontier Economics’ Danny Price: ‘Snowy 2.0 breathes new life into coal’

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull during his tour of the Snowy Hydro Tumut 3 power station. Alex Ellinghausen. Share on twitter. by Misa Han. The rejuvenated Snowy Mountain Scheme will give a second life to coal power because water will need to be …

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High energy politics but no power fix

Just a week after Malcolm Turnbull declared a national energy crisis at The Australian Financial Review Business Summit, the politicians are falling over each other with bigger and more eye-opening responses. Yet, by the end of the week, the core

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Gas, hydro gives coalition lift: Treasurer

Scott Morrison believes Snowy Hydro 2.0 and getting gas company chiefs to guarantee supply have been key to turning the polls around for the coalition. The latest Newspoll released on Monday shows Labor leading the coalition 52-48 per cent on a …

Newspoll: Coalition wins back deserters

VOTER support for the Federal Government has risen by three percentage points in three weeks, according to the latest Newspoll. The boost in the government’s fortunes is being linked to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s announcement last week of a $2 …

Newspoll: Bar set by Abbott a stretch too far for Shorten

On the back of the first improvement in Newspoll for the Coalition in more than three months, a confident Malcolm Turnbull delivered his own backhander to Bill Shorten by pausing during Labor’s parliamentary heckling to declare the Opposition Leader

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Jay And Malcolm’s Big Swinging Battery Face Off

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill recently announced a plan to save something in South Australia. Whether it was his political skin or our power supply is a matter of debate. At it’s heart was gas, but it got plenty of Greenie points, or should

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Snowy Hydro 2.0: a breakthrough, a distraction or both?

What if the biggest government announcement in electricity generation in years was both a great breakthrough and a distraction? Depending on who you listen to, Malcolm Turnbull’s proposed $2 billion expansion of the Snowy Hydro Scheme is a bold piece …

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Newspoll: bleeding has stopped but wound hasn’t healed

Malcolm Turnbull has bandaged a gaping wound but is a long way short of a lasting recovery. Voters are showing him the way to restoring his strength. Will he heed them? The Prime Minister has widened his personal lead over Bill Shorten, lifted the …

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Snowy Hydro promotes alternative power scheme despite federal government spruiking its expansion

In its submission to the Finkel review into electricity, the energy producer and retailer did not mention the possibility of expansion, and in fact promoted an emissions intensity scheme. That’s the scheme that the Government has ruled out adopting.

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Voters have given the Coalition a vital boost in the wake of Malcolm Turnbull’s plan to expand the iconic Snowy Mountains power scheme, shaving Labor’s lead… In fact, the polls have returned to where they’ve been for most of the past six months.

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How the Government plans to fix our energy crisis

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says the Federal Government plans to start work on an electricity game-changer – the Snowy Mountains Scheme 2.0 – to help address Australia’s energy crisis. The Prime Minister says the plan will increase the generation

Turnbull needs to build on small, positive steps

Labor finance spokesman Jim Chalmers donned his satirical hat yesterday and declared there was no good news for the government in the latest Newspoll. He’s too intelligent to have meant it. There was a 3 per cent rise in the Coalition’s primary and …

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Better news but Malcolm Turnbull’s government still on life support

On a day that began with the news that the latest Newspoll has Labor in an election-winning lead, there was a spring in the step of government MPs. They were relieved that they weren’t quite as dead as the previous poll had suggested. While it is too

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