Aussie mum’s shock of spending $600 on school supplies

Aussie mum's shock of spending $600 on school supplies Melbourne is copping a morning drenching after a storm that wreaked havoc in South Australia brought heavy rain to the Victorian capital overnight. Tens of thousands of Adelaide homes were without power overnight as the substantial storm moves in from …

Queensland mum’s $578 back-to-school stationery bill sparks heated Facebook debate

A Queensland mum who spent $578 on stationery for three of her children — including $88 on whiteboard markers for their teachers — has sparked a heated debate on Facebook around who should pay for back-to-school basics. Cindy Bogan posted a …


Aussie mum’s shock of spending $600 on school supplies

This is just another example of how the no School Kids Bonus is really impacting families across the country. byEllie McDonald. Jan 20, 2017. Aussie mum’s shock of spending $600 on school supplies. Aussie mum’s shock of spending $600 on school …

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Aussie Mum Outraged At Back-To-School Costs As Schoolkids Bonus Ends

Queensland mother-of-three Cindy Bogan vented her frustration on Facebook last week at the skyrocketing costs of getting the kids back to school. It seems lots of parents are feeling the pinch too — the post has since been shared over 2000 times

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‘Are you serious!?’: Mum’s furious Facebook rant after being charged $578 for school supplies

A Queensland mother has posted an angry rant on Facebook after being forced to spend $578 on basic school supplies for three of her children. Close. Stop Video Replay 2:12. Today’s top news stories – January 20. UP NEXT. VIDEO 30 people feared dead …

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